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Lunar Beltane / Full Moon Runecast (Laguz/April 2018)

FM Runecast April30 2018

This Full Moon has been rather intense, even more so that the water Scorpio’s been backed up with more water coming from Laguz (we entered the Runic month of Laguz on Sunday). Water is all about emotions, reflection, sensitivity, dreams, intuition, intimacy…etc. Scorpio is considered to be a reliable and predictable sign but it does have a shadow side, which can be stirred up by the Full Moon and brought up to light & awareness. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto – Roman God of the Underworld, which means that secretive things and skeletons in the closet may well pay you an overdue & unwanted visit. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and getting a bit of scorpion venom in your system will allow you to drop some of your load and come out of your journey to the Underworld refreshed & renewed.

If you’ve been working on a project, the Full Moon will give you some clarity. Now that everything is well defined, release your wish and let the Universe take care of the manifestation into the material realm.

The presence of Othila indicates that you have your bases covered and well anchored. What you’re doing is aligned with who you are and your personal values. Strong foundations are the building blocks of everything. Honor the nobility & sacredness of your path and/or calling. Inside the body, Othila is linked to the 2nd chakra which rules creativity & sexual energy (Scorpio rules the genitalia as well) so any imbalance on that level can hinder the healthy progression of your projects & dreams. Don’t be afraid to face the (wo)man in the mirror by addressing your own shadows. A little healing work will be beneficial and bring balance both to yourself and your situation.

Taking risks is part of the Scorpio’s game – the sting can either feel like Cupid’s arrow or slow dripping poison. The Student of Vessels says it’s time to take such risks. Enter the Scorpio’s dance, be open, be curious, and follow your intuition when it comes to love or other types of partnerships. But think with your heart rather than your raging hormones! Showing vulnerability can either strengthen bonds & connections or lead you to disappointment & heartbreak.

Life is a dance, nothing is easy. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being at the right time, at the right place & answering the call. But without taking any risks, there are no rewards. So trust yourself, trust your intuition and watch things unfold…

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