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This week I decided to use The Earthen Runes Oracle Deck again. I had a little chat with Chris from Earthen Ways Creations and he told me that he was in the process of developing another Runic deck for more advanced runecrafters…Needless to say that I can’t wait to get my hands on this deck as well!

The rules of this reading are the same as usual: have a look at the cards and see which one you feel connected to; it’ll be your card & subsequent forecast for the week.

Now keep in mind that these are general trends, which may or may not apply to you in every little detail. If you are interested in having a private reading (in person, via email or via Skype), feel free to drop me an email at

Now let’s begin: which card do you feel drawn to?

Rscope Apr9 2018 1.1

~Let’s unveil card #1~

Rscope Apr9 2018 1.2


Hagalaz represents the Forces of Destiny and Evolution at work. Those can’t be controlled, however, how you choose to deal with them can make a world of a difference. There could be some shaking, some turning your world/life upside down or wiping the slate radically clean, but don’t think of it as something negative: on the contrary! A whole new world of possibilities can open itself to you if you make the conscious decision to see Hagalaz as a bringer of opportunity & restorer of balance. My advice to you is simply to go with the flow and work with Hagalaz in a constructive manner rather than opposing change. You may feel like it’s the worst possible time for things to be happening, but from a cosmic perspective: it’s the perfect timing! With the Ancestors watching your back, you can move forward with confidence and (re)build something new & better on stronger foundations.

~Now let’s unveil card #2~

Rscope Apr9 2018 1.3


Who are you? What are your values? How do you define yourself ?…These are some of the questions being asked by Othila. Stop blaming others for your wrong doings, start pointing the finger at yourself. If you haven’t done any kind of inner work or soul searching before: now is a good time to start! Keep in mind that for your 2.0 version to emerge (as in the updated, renewed & improved version of you), your old self must die (that’s a figure of speech of course)! All you have to do is to ditch those aspects of your self that are no longer needed, outdated and don’t serve you anymore. Stemming from this conscious work is a sense of new found balance…Don’t you just feel lighter & better already?

~And finally, let’s unveil card #3~

Rscope Apr9 2018 1.4


Lately, you’ve been feeling the need to withdraw, to go inward and focus on yourself. The world is making your head spin, bringing more confusion with each passing day. Isa is inviting you to recenter on your self, your needs & your vision. This temporary state of stasis is much needed: by going inwards and tapping into your inner world & inner resources, you will be (re)awakening your inner Jedi with renewed purpose. Learn to appreciate and refine your intuitive skills, because they are real tools, not just figments of your imagination. Enjoy & honor this little time off with your higher self!

Rscope Apr9 2018 1.5

‘Til next week, be well 😉

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