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Meeting Sleipnir: a Guided Meditation with the Rune Ehwaz

Detail of 8th Century Viking Stele Depicting Odin and Sleipnir

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Ehwaz is a Rune closely associated with horses. Horses were highly valued in ancient times: as a means to travel & work the land of course, but also to go to war. Horses were also linked to the Otherworld (Realm of the Dead) as psychopomps, helped traveling through the shamanic realms, and in some Germanic tribes, horses were even used for divination.

In the Northern Tradition, there is no horse more famous than Sleipnir who is Odin’s eight-legged horse. I created the following guided meditation for my Runic Meditation Group:

“Close your eyes. Relax. Empty your mind & take a deep breath.

You’re going to meet Sleipnir by the Cosmic Tree. He’s already there, waiting for your arrival.

He allows you to mount him and go for a ride to a place of his choosing, somewhere within the 9 worlds. You are holding the reins yet he’s the only one to know where you’re both going. Trust is the key.

While you may have many questions to which he could provide answers, you both remain silent until you reach your destination.

As your feet finally reach this new gound and unknown place, Sleipnir turns to you and asks you one question:

“What boundaries are you willing to cross in order to move forward in your life?”

If you’re looking for another Runic guided meditation, you can also try the one with Berkana & the Birch

Happy Travels ;)!



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