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Rune Forecast: March 26th-April 4th

It’s been a long time, huh? Well, the weekly Runoscopes are back!

The rules are still the same: have a look at the cards and see which one you feel connected to; it’ll be your card & subsequent forecast for the week.

Now keep in mind that these are general trends, which may or may not apply to you in every little detail. If you are interested in having a private reading (in person, via email or via Skype), feel free to drop me an email at:

Now let’s begin:

Rscope Mar26 2018 1.1

~Let’s unveil card #1~

Rscope Mar26 2018 1.2

If you choose card #1:

Life can be challenging at times. We are being tested on a daily basis, on multiple levels and sometimes in surprising ways that can throw us off balance. It is easy to lose one’s control and/or temper when we are being challenged or feeling uncomfortable with a situation. What is not right though is to blame others, society or bad luck for our own mistakes. The Rune Gebo is giving you the opportunity to make things right, to strike balance again (in mind, body, emotions, and spirit) by learning the lessons from your challenges & mistakes, which will allow you to grow & improve. Once you can take responsibility, you are then truly in charge of your life…How empowering is that?!

~Let’s unveil card #2~

Rscope Mar26 2018 1.3

If you choose card #2:

You harvest what you sow: whether at work, in your personal projects or your relationships. Whatever ideas, thoughts, words or dreams you’ve been projecting, they are now starting to manifest from the etheric to the physical plane via the Rune Inguz. Things are getting real: the good and the bad. In the eventuality that the outcome was not to quite match your expectations, don’t be hard on yourself. Be compassionate. Align your upper & lower selves with the Universal plan, and know that you are loved and haven’t been forgotten. There is a proper time for everything, once you come to the realization that maybe there are still details that need to be worked out, (self) healing that needs to occur, and/or aspects of your self or your situation that you weren’t aware of in the first place or hadn’t considered, you can then rework and refine your personal master plan with more inner peace and clarity of mind. When the time is right, you’ll be the first to know…

~Now let’s unveil card #3~

Rscope Mar26 2018 1.4

If you chose card #3:

If you’ve been struggling lately, take comfort in knowing that there is a greater purpose behind everything (even if it’s not obvious). And this period of struggle is about to end if you are willing to play your part of the game. The Winter snow is starting to melt leaving space for Spring to unfold. Currently, you might be lacking motivation, inspiration, energy or drive. Know that jealousy or envy (towards others & their situation) is not going to serve you and will only feed your own inner demons, which will, in turn, drag you further down the rabbit hole. How can you see the sun & feel its warmth down there? Just look around you: the energy is shifting, so is the landscape. Consider the world around you with new eyes and a fresh perspective. You’ll soon notice how things within and around you are shifting. Your (seasonal) moodiness will leave space for confidence, renewed hope, and joy. Now is the time to jumpstart new projects, see them through, and make things happen in order to reach your goals. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish once you put the doom & gloom behind you…

‘Til next week, be well 😉

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