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The Woman Who Was Wyrd

As a seer (volva) who uses the Runes as my preferred method of divination, I’m very familiar with the Norns (Northern Goddesses of Destiny).
I’ve met them, I’ve talked to them and they taught me a little secret: each of them holds & weave a thread into a tapestry of every living soul’s life and destiny. But the pattern is not set in stone, it can evolve into something else. Those who take matters into their hands, those who take charge of their life hold a 4th thread in their hands: the thread of their own awareness, the thread of their own destiny. This is the thread that can consciously change the pattern & the weaving of the entire tapestry.
As a seer, I know and I tell people that divination is a tool. The future is not set in stone. But knowing what lies ahead of the path is a gift and if you don’t like what’s coming your way you can change it…


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