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New Moon in Perthro (January 2018)

The New Moon is always a good time to start a new project, a new journey or make life changes. This moon is in the Runic month of Perthro which energetically supports ‘taking chances’ and sudden spurts of luck.

This moon is also in the Earth sign of Capricorn so whatever you plan on working will be a grounded choice with solid foundations that will potentially manifest itself in physical reality.

Now, the 3 cards that I’ve picked all seem to tell the same message in unison: turning inward as well as trusting one’s intuition & beliefs. Because we already know what we need to know and we hold inside the tools of our own success.

We are all born intuitive: some of us choose to acknowledge and use this tool, while others choose to discard it (often in the name of logic and rationality). But it is never completely lost. It’s a gift that can be reawakened, used and refined anytime.

The message here is that whatever the journey you’re about to begin, you need to trust yourself, your choices and your gut feeling. Pay close attention to dreams, opportunities, coincidences, synchronicities and other messages along the way – they are all Universal tools to communicate with you & your consciousness in order to validate your choices and encourage to continue.

Whatever your belief system may be, this is a deeply spiritual and powerful time as well as a golden opportunity to set things in motion. Make sure that your intentions are clear and choose your words wisely before releasing them to the higher realms.


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