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Card of the Day: The World Tree (from the Wild Wood Tarot)

Ok…It came with The Guardian which indicates that I’m about to face a “life-changing” challenge which will lead to the happy ending of The World Tree. I’ve been lately foretold about the upcoming end of a cycle, and it is true that within the past few days I’ve become aware of quite a few new things that make a lot of sense and ring true to me but these same things also make my head spin…

Let’s focus on the World Tree, shall we?!

“No matter how long the journey of life may be, however many twists and turns the maze may offer us, in the end, if we persevere, we will reach the point of fulfillment.

This may relate to material gain and wealth or to spiritual happiness and emotional security but after the long process of learning, responsibility, and rebirth, it is now time to bathe in the light of renewal, attainment, and personal triumph.”


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  1. This is resonating to me as well 🙂

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