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Mastering Wunjo in Midgard

I think this method is a great tool because ultimately it’ll bring mastery in Midgard – which is our physical realm. I plan to use it in conjunction with shamanic & oracular work.

I will not discuss here the meanings of each Rune because this type of information can already be found everywhere all over the internet (and there are also countless books written on the topic). But I’m all about inner work & inner alchemy, and anybody who’s been using the Runes for some time knows that their interpretation becomes more personal with practice.

However, I will help with the correspondences between each of the 9 worlds and our inner realms. The author’s own interpretation is very helpful but I don’t always agree with him on the meanings (as I said earlier, interpretation is personal):

Please keep in mind that this is a 2D representation of the Multiverse

  1. Midgard (in the Middle) represents the Physical Reality, the Earthly Plane {WUNJO}
  2. Vanaheim (in the North-West) represents the Realm where things take form, the Manifestation from the Etheric planes to the Earthly plane {PERTHRO}
  3. Asgard (in the North) represents the Moral Ground, one’s Ethics & Values – including one’s spiritual values {KENNAZ}
  4. LjosAlfheim (in the North-East) represents Social Interactions & Behaviors {INGUZ}
  5. Muspelheim (in the East) represents the Realm of Imagination & Possibilities, the Mind’s Potential, the Creative Unconscious {OTHILA}
  6. Niflheim (in the South-East) represents the Realm of the Ancestors, Dreams, Intuition & Primal Consciousness {BERKANA}
  7. Helheim (in the South) represents Death & Greater Consciousness {URUZ}
  8. SvartAlfheim (in the South-West) represents the Realm of Realm of Mystery, of one’s Shadow Side, Choices, Dark Potential & Dark Enchantments {NAUTHIZ}
  9. Jotunheim (in the West) represents the Realm of the Future/the Possible Outcome, the Consequences of our Planned & Unplanned Actions {SOWELO}

Source: “The Message In The Runes: A Compass Home” by Sirrom Noel Yhtomit

Happy Pathworking!


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