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Ask the Volva! Psychic Readings Among the Trees

Starting next week, I plan to do readings twice a week (Mondays & Wednesdays, from 10am to noon) at the same place I usually teach my Runic Meditations. It’s such nice place with numerous trees (pine trees, eucalyptus, alders, sycamores, coast live oaks…) and a wonderful vibration.

Of course, Runes are my favorite divination tool but not exclusively. What most people don’t know is that I started with automatic writing & mediumship, and still enjoy doing it.

So whether you have a question, need to take a decision, or would like to contact a loved one (those are just examples of what we can do), I am here to help.

Walk-ins are welcome but I do recommend RSVPs since I’m only going to be there for 2 hours and each reading is about 15 minutes long. You will find more details on Meetup, under the Ancient Awareness Group but you can also email me privately at:


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