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Today’s Reading (Runes + the Oracle of Oddities)

As Heraclitus once said: “Change is the only constant in life”. This Full Moon was particularly challenging for me. I went from tears to anger, to disappointment…And changes are already occurring.

As much as I like teaching, things are not turning out the way I expected. I think that we all hope to encounter the same type of interest, passion, and involvement in others than we experience. Reality is a bit different. I am currently questioning whether or not I will continue on Meetup.

I am currently questioning whether or not I will continue with Meetup. I’m also considering other forms of teaching/communication (see my blog post on The Limiting Nature of Words). The truth is I’m not a new-agey, Reiki, angel & sparkly fairy kind of person – this world doesn’t attract me and is starting to make me sick to my stomach. I don’t see myself quite like a witch either (though I have the greatest respect for real witches) because I’m not into rituals (that’s one of the reasons why I went with shamanism). I’m kind of something in between, which makes my path a bit more complicated to define. But I’m starting to see where I’m heading (“the roots lie beyond the smoke” – see my post on The A-ha Moment in my Healing Tradition).

The Virgo in me is at service, but I don’t think it is to people directly. I think I’m just a middle woman connecting the past with the future, trying to bring back from extinction and redefine an old tradition, and keep the balance with the 9 worlds (and the folks that dwell there). I’ve always been a loner (it was not always a choice though) and the greatest disappointments in my life have always come from people. One cannot help or heal people who are not willing to do the work in the first place, so why bother? Within the past few months, I have felt the increasing appeal of silence. Words are losing their appeal and their enchantment, I’m starting to wonder if they truly have the same meanings for all of us.

I’m going inwards (not just because it’s the Fall), rejoicing in the simple pleasures that have a meaning for me and make me happy. I’ll share what needs to be shared in one form or another, but I’ll stick to my path. As for today’s reading, here it is:


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