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Full Moon Medicine – Personal Runic Talisman (September 2017)

A few days ago, during the Full Moon (in Pisces/Raido), I drew 5 Runes while asking for what needed to be my current medicine. I was delighted to find out that these Runes were all positive ones: Mannaz, Wunjo, Teiwaz, Dagaz & Sowelo.

Sept2017 FM Runic Talisman2

I combined them all into a bindrune and painted it on a piece of faux leather in order to wear my talisman as a brooch.

Sept2017 FM Runic Talisman

As for what the meaning is, my interpretation is the following: being true to myself will allow me to reach my goal(s) while being aligned both with my spiritual purpose in this life on Earth (my legacy to the Human Community at large) and the grand cosmic order of things. This will bring a shift, the lifting of a weight from my shoulders that will lead to success, joy & happiness…Sounds good to me 😉

I drew the Rune on a piece of faux leather (I think I’d get a nicer result with acrylic paint than sharpies) that I’ve sewn by hand.

I plan to offer Personalized New Moon and Full Moon Runic Talismans on my Etsy Shop soon. I will draw some Runes, create a custom bindrune and its interpretation upon request, and will send the design in pdf for you to craft in the material of your choice. I’ll keep you posted…


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