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New Moon Guidance (July 2017): Uruz, the Ancestor of Knowing & the Hunter of Dreams

NM July2017

Uruz, the Auroch, has a distinct energy. It’s ancient, it’s primordial, it’s wild & powerful. This Rune is associated with the primeval Earth Mother, and therefore shares some of her grounding, nurturing and protective aspects. There is much to say about Uruz, and I covered most of it yesterday during our 2nd Runic Meditation, therefore I’ll stick to the information that is relevant to us here.

It’s a Rune that has a history of being used for healing (the self and others). If you’re feeling drained and need a jolt of energy, it’s a goof Rune to work with. If you feel like you’re covering something, Uruz can help you boost your immune system and/or recover from illness. Uruz is connected with the Northern Goddess Eir, physician of the Gods, whose medicine of choice is the good old healing herbs. By extension, I believe that any natural/earthy healing modalities will be supported by this Rune (and by the Goddess).

On that topic, I’d like to mention that I just made a Runic Essence for Uruz (I mentioned Runic Essences HERE), imbued with Lunar & Solar energy and charged with Galdr. I will talk about it more in-depth very soon and will list in on my Etsy shop as well.

In Uruz, there is the prefix UR-, which to this day can still be found in the German language. UR refers to anything old, ancient, primitive, primordial…Which strengthens Uruz’s connection with the past.

In this New Moon Guidance, Uruz is associated with the Ancestor of Knowing who is guiding us on our quest for knowledge – whether acquired, remembered or intuitive. Ancient knowledge and memories kept within our genes may well be reawakened during this powerful New Moon. Talking about memories: Uruz can also help us heal our lineage (think Family Constellations), past event (even in this life), and past lives as well.

In this reading, Uruz is also associated with the Hunter of Dreams. When we look more closely at the glyph itself, we can observe a certain resemblance to the Rune Laguz (water). This brings us way back in time to the Northern Creation Myth. After Ginnungagap occurred (the equivalent of the big bang, that I associate with the Rune Inguz), the Realm of Fire ‘Muspelheim’ (Kennaz) collided with the Realm of Ice ‘Niflheim’ (Isa) and, from there, the first drops of melted water (Laguz) gave birth to the Cosmic Cow Audumbla (Uruz). {Back to healing (and medicine making): water would also be a good medium or healing modality.} And water is connected to intuition and dreams…The Hunter is asking us to widen the doors of our perception so that we can get guidance from the land of dreams (and daydreams) – which is also an ancient way of Knowing. Knowledge and clues given through dreams (even symbolically) can bring deep healing. The interpretation of those dreams is personal, and can only make sense to you.

Crack the code, learn from it, and apply that UR-knowledge to your life. The hunt starts now…

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