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Runic Guidance of the Week (July 17th to July 23rd 2017)

Dear Friends,

I apologize for not posting last week’s guidance. We’re now in the Runic month of URUZ. I’ll be discussing URUZ in depth this weekend during our 2nd Runic Meditation this Saturday, July 22nd (more information about it HERE) and in a future blog post. I’ll also be making my first Runic Essence this weekend, for those interested in deepening their connection to the Runes (see my blog post on the topic HERE).

Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week. Remember that these cards/Runes represent general trendsIf you’d like a more personalized reading regarding your situation, feel free to contact me privately.

Tscope Jul17 1.1

As usual, I will ask you to look at the 3 cards and see which one draws your attention. The one that you’ll pick will be your Rune for the week.

Tscope Jul17 1.2

If you picked LAGUZ (on the Left):

This week is a good time to take a break. It seems like it’s much needed. Sometimes we need to pause, we need to rest and recharge our physical, emotional, spiritual and/or energetic batteries. It’s not a sign of weakness to honor one’s personal and bodily needs, on the contrary, it’s always better to acknowledge them before things get out of balance and/or control. This little break is also a good time to meditate, (re)create your personal space and (re)define your boundaries in a quiet setting. Allow your mind to wander a little, and see where it takes you. It is possible that during this quiet time you might be lead to face some dark aspects or your self. Do not fear them, and especially do not deny them. Face them, and acknowledge them for what they are: this is the first step toward (self) healing and transformation. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t quite know how to handle the situation: pray or ask for guidance. Pay attention to your dreams, your intuition, and your gut feeling for clues. No matter what, you’ll come out of this stronger, more defined and more balanced. Have faith in yourself and in the Universe…

Tscope Jul17 1.3

If you picked SOWELU (in the Middle):

When Sowelu shows up it’s always a good omen. Its solar energy blesses you, your path and your projects. But know that you are the only one who can reach your goals and succeed. It’ll require patience, quiet observation, and careful planning on your behalf. We all know that Summertime is a social time yet you can’t let these interactions distract you (know what you truly want). Pauses are beneficial, distractions are not. Pay attention to little clues along the way, such as hidden messages in conversations, certain words in advertisements, lyrics of songs on the radio,…etc. Messages are everywhere, but we only recognize them as such if we are focused and aware. Idle times can also be beneficial and bring up creative ideas or solutions: try (visual) journaling, doodling or even simply daydreaming. Find your answers, it’s up to you to make your dreams come true (with a little help from Sowelu).

Tscope Jul17 1.4

If you picked RAIDO (on the Right):

If you picked Raido: you are on a special journey, trailblazing your very own path. This journey is all about you: finding your own voice and (re)claiming your authentic self (as in “not defined by social codes nor by others”). Know that in a conformist world uniqueness is a gift. Does it matter what people think or say? Do they know better? Sow the seeds of your new self and watch them grow, see where they lead you, what connections they create. Societal codes and rules tend to restrict personal growth and creativity. So find your own voice and sing your song (and don’t forget to laugh). The new rule is “there are no rules”…Enjoy the ride!

Tscope Jul17 1.5

Have a wonderful week, folks!

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