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Rhodochrosite and Sapphire Gemstone Essence to Deal with Karmic Issues

I’ve made flower essences before (though I don’t just use flowers, it find this to be too restrictive) but I hadn’t made crystal or gemstone essences until yesterday…Probably because I’m more of a herb lady. I won’t go through my path and personal evolution again but I have become quite enamored with vibrational remedies and esoteric herbalism. Plants can heal body, mind, heart, and soul but the way of preparing them will depend on the uses and expected results. I guess I’ve already done all the physical self-healing that I could and mostly through nutrition. But I’m digressing…

Yesterday was the Full Moon in Capricorn and in Fehu. Since I’m setting up on a new adventure, I figured that it was the right time to finally prepare this gemstone essence. I had everything already: stones, water, bottles, brandy. A few months ago I came to the realization that the major element (in this case a person) that was holding me back in life and preventing me from flying free and fulfill my purpose was stemming from karmic entanglement.

I’ve done a huge transformational work over the past few years in order to ditch my inner lead and turn it into gold. Two things have helped me a lot: vibrational remedies (plant and gemstone essences) as well as my beloved Runes, which have taught me a lot – reason why it is now time for me to share and teach what I know.

Now back to the gemstone essence: I picked rhodochrosite and sapphire (a Virgoan stone) because they could possibly do what Runes and plants can’t do for me in dealing with karmic issues specific to me. Since I don’t know the chemical composition of these 2 stones and whether or not they leach toxic compounds once in contact with water, I chose to go with indirect exposure by placing the stone in a glass container within the water container. The essence was exposed both to the Sun and the Moon and I could tell that it was quite potent just by holding the container.

What are Rhodochrosite’s benefits? According to Nicholas Pearson:

“Rhodochrosite brings freedom of spirit to its owner. Fine, gemmy pieces of rhodochrosite display an orangey, red-to-pink color that vitalizes the energy field enough to break free from restricting patterns. It brings joy, freedom, and mirth when used in crystal healing, and it helps to nourish and encourage the inner child…It eases the emotional side of the karmic pattern, thereby making it easier to let go and move on…”.

There’s more, of course, I only mentioned the part that interests me here.

As for Blue Sapphire, Elizabeth E. Botchis wrote a rather long chapter about it in her book “Awakening the Holographic Human”:

“Blue Sapphire resonates with the throat chakra. It assists the throat chakra to open up to the infinite void of space and the eternal rhythms of time. It supports the throat chakra to transcend boundaries and yet communicate and define space and time relative to the development of one’s individual consciousness.

Sapphire also resonates with the planetary frequencies of Saturn. It is a slow, steady, powerful planetary influence that carries the authority of ancient wisdom. The gem cultivates the virtues of compassion, selfless service, maturity, accountability, and loyalty. Blue Sapphire reinforces the Saturnian influence that guides one to see the unifying and potent truth in practical reality. It opens the channel of communication for the heart to find its voice and purpose through the throat.

Blue Sapphire attunes a person to his or her inner mystical nature and encourages perseverance to accomplish one’s goals. The gem activates the inner gifts of the soul and supports the manifestation and expression of the individual’s soul attributes. The gem assists in grounding one’s personal and cosmic talents in a practical manner that will yield a deep sense of satisfaction. Blue Sapphire cultivates a steady and constructive disposition that authenticates one’s commitment to dharma, or purpose…”

Needless to say that I highly recommend her book and I have high hopes about this homemade essence. Changes with vibrational remedies are often subtle but they occur daily so using this essence will probably have an impact on my work (intuitive and practical) in the weeks to come.


“Crystals for Karmic Healing – Transform Your Future by Releasing Your Past” by Nicholas Pearson (Foreword by Judy Hall)

“Awakening the Holographic Human – Nature’s Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness” by Elizabeth E. Botchis, PhD


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