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Runic Guidance of the Week (July 3rd-July 9th 2017)

Dear Friends,

We’re now in the Runic month of Fehu. I’ll be discussing Fehu in depth this weekend, for the New Moon in a proper blog post. If you live in the Los Angeles area, I’d like to invite you to my 1st Runic Meditation gathering this Saturday, July 8th. You’ll find more information about it HERE. Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week.

Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week. Remember that these cards/Runes represent general trends. If you’d like a more personalized reading regarding your situation, feel free to contact me privately.

Tscope Jul3 1.1

As usual, I will ask you to look at the 3 cards and see which one draws your attention. The one that you’ll pick will be your Rune for the week.

Tscope Jul3 1.2

If you picked WUNJO (on the Left):

When Wunjo shows up, something you’re been wanting and/or working on for some time is about to come to fruition. Joy and success are within reach! However don’t rejoice just yet: for the granting of your wishes one last effort is required from you. After all the effort and energy spent, it would be a shame to let it all go to waste! So focus and gather your self, your thoughts, your inner & outer resources (like helpful people) for the final unfolding which is the manifestation of your dreams. Don’t allow things or people to distract you and take you off track (even if you feel that you need or deserve a break), you’re worked too hard to let your goal/dream slip between your fingers. One last effort…Then watch the great unfolding and celebrate your accomplishment(s). Congratulations!

Tscope Jul3 1.3

If you picked ALGIZ (in the Middle):

If you’ve been feeling a little lost lately, know that this is the Universe’s way to tell you that you need a little break. There is nothing wrong about pausing and resting for a little way, sometimes it’s necessary. Within the silence and the unknown lies great potential. And now is the time for a renewal or mind, body and spirit. Know that you are gently being guided and protected. However, you will have to use your critical and analytical mind in order to discern what holds some potential to materialize in the physical world from what is mere fantasy. The mind can play tricks so stay grounded and choose the path you’re about to follow wisely.

Tscope Jul3 1.4

If you picked TEIWAZ (on the Right):

You have the power to create the life that you want. You have the power to make things real. Of course, it requires dedication and a strong will. There’s a reason why things take time: the journey is the destination. It may not be an easy journey but don’t lose faith or self-control. Better yet: surround yourself with peers, people who share similar values, hopes and/or dreams than you. This togetherness will give you the strength to keep going, and even move mountains if necessary…

Tscope Jul3 1.5

Have a great week, folks!

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