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Runic Guidance of the Week (June 26th-July 2nd)

Dear Friends,

During this week we will be shifting from the Runic month of Dagaz to the month of Fehu. Different Rune, different energy. I’ll talk about Fehu in depth within the next couple weeks. Meanwhile, here’s our guidance for the week.

Tscope June26 1.1

As usual, I will ask you to look at the 3 cards and see which one draws your attention. The one that you’ll pick will be your Rune for the week.

Tscope June26 1.2

If you picked FEHU (on the Left):

You’ve been through some rough seas lately, and this experience has caused you to learn some lessons the hard way. Know that everything happens for a reason and that those valuable lessons are necessary for your growth (personal or spiritual). You might feel a need for solitude, which is totally understandable, and only You know what you currently need & what is best for you. What you are currently experiencing is like a little rebirth (see my New Moon post on Dagaz) so follow your intuition & your gut feeling, they will act as an inner compass in the midst of some residual confusion. Self-knowledge is empowering and with more self-confidence comes a greater sense of focus. Fehu is about growth and wealth in its many aspects. So use your renewed energy and hard-won wisdom in a productive manner: whatever you dedicate your attention to will grow.

Tscope June26 1.3

If you picked PERTHRO (in the Middle):

The wheel is turning for you. After the time of challenges and uncertainty comes the time of luck and taking chances (see my New Moon in Dagaz post). You might still feel a little shaken from what happened to you so take a little time to gather yourself up and recover (emotionally especially). It’s ok to think again about this chain of events still fresh in your memory before moving on, but don’t let fear and worry get their grip on you again. The past is gone, and the future looks promising. Seek balance and harmony within yourself, your entourage and in your home/sanctuary. Be aware that we attract energetically what we project. New opportunities and/or relationships may flourish under Perthro.

Tscope June26 1.4

If you picked EIHWAZ (on the Right):

The Universe is telling you that it’s time to face the (wo)man in the mirror and deal with your shadow side. You can pretend as much as you want, this is all just a facade. You might be able to fool people, you might even be able to fool yourself into believing those sweet little lies you created in the first place…But you can’t fool the Universe! Now it’s time to face the good, the bad and the ugly AKA the hidden, the suppressed, the instincts and the desires. This could be a challenging time for you. But understand that in order to live an authentic and meaningful life you need to be your authentic self. Are you afraid that people might judge you? Those who truly love you and care about you will remain by your side, no matter what. Acknowledge your Darkness, accept it, and heal it by turning your inner lead into gold (weaknesses into strengths). Things take time, work on it one step at a time and be kind to yourself. Your good will and good intentions will be rewarded.

Tscope June26 1.5

Have a great week!

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