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Dear Friends,

This week’s reading is rather…Interesting! Especially with the upcoming Summer Solstice this week (and the New Moon as well, I believe…There will be a blog post on that topic). The Norns (Urd, Verdandi & Skuld) have accepted to assist me today in drawing the Runes. Each of them is carrying a different Rune.

Tscope June19 1.1

Now if you could please look at my friends here, and see which Rune draws your attention. That’ll be your Rune of the Week!

URD’s PICK (On the Left) is EIHWAZ:

Tscope June19 1.2

It’s been a heck of a ride lately but you still feel like you’re walking on a fragile piece of thread…And in the dark! Well, trust the Universe (and yourself) because there is a light at the end of your tunnel. The Gods are watching over you and that flimsy thread is paving the road to stability (incredible, isn’t it?). Sounds good, right? Well, you still gotta do your part: open your eyes and use all your senses. Look for the clues, opportunities, and synchronicities on the way. Acknowledge them, understand them (at least, try) but above all, follow them because they will take you to safety. If you chose to ignore them, well then remain in the dark. The choice is yours…


Tscope June19 1.3

Like is like playing dice: sometimes you’re lucky and you win, and sometimes…You don’t. But often, it’s just a matter of being at the right place at the right time for things to start happening. If you’ve been struggling lately, know that the Wheel of Fortune is turning and that the Norns may well start smiling at you. I’m talking strike of luck and providential help here. But don’t get too cocky, because they won’t like it. Now every gift bestowed has a shadow side. Ask yourself: what will you do with that gift/sudden luck? How well and wisely are you going to use it? Be aware that luck, money and other material/physical things can bring up some ugliness within you and/or your entourage. My advice to you: keep your head cool. Remain true to yourself and to your values. Be thankful for what you’ve been granted and use it well. Then, and only then, will you be able to fully appreciate that luck of yours.

SKULD’S PICK (On the Right) is SOWELU:

Tscope June19 1.4

You, better than anyone, know what is best for you. You have made the conscious choice to leave behind drama, unhappiness, problems, toxic people, ego,…etc. All that stuff that’s been weighing down on you for some time now. Know that you’re not being selfish here. You’re doing the right thing, it’s for your own sake! Now, you may occasionally hear those nasty little voices in your head, plaguing you with “what ifs”, second thoughts, or even a bit of nostalgia. Don’t listen to them! These are your inner demons playing topsy-turvy with your mind. Don’t fall prey to the illusions and delusions provided by your trickster self. Stick to your plan, keep moving forward. You’ll notice that as you are walking that the path starts appearing. Feeling a bit lost? Ask for guidance. Be sure to know what it is that you want in the first place, the Universe is here to help.

Tscope June19 1.5

Thank the Norns and have a good week!

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