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French Podcast #2: Confession d’une Buveuse de Thé

Dear Friends,

You will find here my long overdue 2nd podcast. I got a better microphone so the quality of the recording should be much better (at least it sounded better on my computer).

In terms of vocabulary, I think the level is intermediate. However, there are some expressions and sentences’ constructions that I think, are more advanced.

For those of you who missed the first one, you can find it HERE.

How to make the best out this podcast: you can have a 1st listening to get the gist of it, during a 2nd listening you can try to write down words and/or sentences that you recognize/understand. After a 3rd listing, you can try to translate what you heard. You can also, alternatively, use this podcast as a dictation (which is an excellent exercise).

To help you understand better, here’s some useful vocabulary (I didn’t include words that, I think, should be known and others that can easily be guessed):

Le thé: tea  –  un souvenir: a memory  –  l’enfance: childhood  –  se préparer: (in this context) to prepare for oneself  –  réutiliser: to reuse  –  un sachet (de thé): a teabag  –  deuxième: second  –  fort(e): strong  –  le matin: the morning  –  thym: thyme  –  romarin: rosemary  –  le miel: honey  –  éviter: to avoid  –  attraper: to catch  – une boisson: a beverage  –  vivre: to live  –  sans: without  –  un buveur/une buveuse: a drinker  –  quelqu’un: somebody/someone  –  le quotidien: everyday life  –  soi: oneself  –  le monde: the world


Enjoy ;).

Feel free to email me personally to request a written transcript of this podcast.

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