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How I came to study & use the Runes

Most people don’t know what the Runes, but I found out that a lot more people do know (which surprised me). However, they think it’s just another divination tool like the Tarot, and are often put off by the rather esoteric signs that require some studying.

With a lifetime of not doing things like everybody else, I didn’t learn the Runes for divination…At least not initially. I’ve always been drawn to natural healing modalities (been studying & using herbs for more than 20 years) therefore when I read somewhere that, at one point in time, Runes were used for healing…I was beyond intrigued.

The caveat was that the Runes were mainly used in an oral tradition, so there was pretty much nothing to start with and study. I decided that I wanted to recreate the tradition of Runic Healing, at least my own interpretation of it (I don’t speak any of the Scandinavian languages, which doesn’t help).

So I started defining which Rune was connected to which part or function of the body (a little bit of research combined, mostly, with my own intuition) and did some Energy Healing. Since this ancient alphabet has a strong vibrational energy, and the word “Rune” itself means “whisper” or “secret“, I was whispering each Rune I was using when I did some energy work on someone. I had, generally speaking, a very positive feedback. However since this form of energy work is not coined, labeled or known, unlike Reiki…Reaching people was a bit tricky.

I’d like to point out that Energy Healing is probably as old as Humanity itself. There have been many schools of healing, just like there are many chakra systems, and they all predate Reiki!

Anyway, I had to take a long break from Runic Healing for many personal reasons. But during that time I learned about the divinatory meaning of the Runes. I went through a rough period in my life, a transformational period, and I needed answers. Now, of course, each Rune as many interpretations ranging between the “academic” and the intuitive…And learning about them takes time, dedication, and will. But I learned that Runes don’t lie, even though the answer given may not make sense at the time or be shrouded in mystery. I also learned that you can work with them (energetically again) for pathworking and manifestation.

This experience gave me another outlook on the Runes, and I have come to understand that in order to recreate a Runic Healing tradition I needed to incorporate all my gifts and experiences. Because working with the Runes is a multilayered and multifaceted art, and getting back to the healing part: there are physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects that all need to be addressed. A drawn stave can either be used for intuitive “diagnosis” or as energetic “remedy” (and I’d like to work on herbal correspondences as well)…To conclude, there’s still a lot of work ahead ;)!


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