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THRIFTED: My Good Finds for March

It’s been a little while since I last went thrifting…One or two months maybe. The funny thing is that I don’t like shopping, I really don’t. But I loooove thrifting. I guess it’s because I never know what kind of treasures I’m going to find…

I am lucky to have a good eye for things (being a textile designer helps, I suppose) and I rarely come home empty handed. My local thrift shop has become more finicky in their selection a few months ago, and of course, the price tags are a little bit more steep than they used to be. But I still find some nice things and they are often brand new or in mint condition (I mean they’ve been worn no more than once or twice, I can tell).

Anyway, without further do, this is what I found yesterday:

Thrifted 1.1

Clockwise from the top left: a floral cotton blouse, a shoulder bag, an asymmetrical jacket and a butterfly printed cotton shawl

Thrifted 1.2

This shawl is made of semi-sheer beige cotton and printed with golden butterfly (brand new, the store’s tag was still on it)

Thrifted 1.3

This is a designer’s blouse but I can’t figure out the brand (however the tag needs to be partially sewn back). It’s made of a light floral cotton, I like the fact that it looks a bit like a painter’s blouse ;). I just noticed some buttons on the sleeves which will allow me to roll them up.

Thrifted 1.4

I thought this asymmetrical jacket was an interesting piece. It’s made of merino wool and looks that it’s been worn once at the most. It’s a medium, which is a little bit larger than I usually wear, but given that it’s made of wool, chances are that it will shrink slightly.

Thrifted 1.5

Last, but not least, a shoulder bag. Neither too big nor too small, which should allow me to put quite a bit of my stuff in there. Too bad it’s not made of leather though.

All these nice pieces and I didn’t break the bank, the total price was overall very reasonable (much more than a regular clothing store, that’s for sure).

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