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Eiwhaz – The Rune of Inner Alchemy

The Rune Eiwhaz is a little mysterious and can be difficult to interpret. It represents the cosmic tree and as such acts as a link between the Divine and the Earthly Realm. This cosmic / divine support is manifested in our daily life as luck, opportunities, coincidences … etc.

Eiwhaz is associated with ash tree, which itself is associated with death and rebirth / resurrection in the Celtic world. Here we’re not speaking of physical death, but of symbolic death … All these things that weigh you down and prevent you from moving forward in your life. The things that hold you back when you would like to proceed with your plans.

Eihwaz invites you to face your fears, your doubts, and anxieties. It invites you to confront your inner lead that which, as the alchemist does, can be transformed into gold … And, finally, create your life the way it should be, what you deeply want and dream of, and what you is your birthright.

Because the Universe never refuse anything, but everyone has to get rid of its lead and its old pots as a way to establish a solid foundation in your life.

Having done your “Great Alchemical Work”and being the Mason of your life, the Universe can only bless your projects and open the doors that had been shut until now …


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