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Oracles as Tools for Knowledge

I collect tarot & oracles decks, just like I collect other things. I choose them depending on their theme and more importantly on their artwork. I use them regularly, especially when I feel unsettled, somewhat lost or when I have a doubt. I also use them to complement my Runes, because some of them can be a bit vague at times.

The beauty of oracles is that they are more precise than tarots, which makes them more approachable. While most people use tarots & oracles to divine the future, I find that they are also very good tools for self discovery and to help guide you in times of change & turmoil. When you are not sure of what’s going on but understand that some things are out of your control, that universal/evolutionary forces are involved in the great story of you & your life purpose.

It’s comforting to pick a card or two to tell you that everything is alright, that you’re heading to the right direction, that you are awakening to something new, that you shouldn’t be afraid of change(s),  that there is light & hope at the end of the tunnel, that what you are currently going through is beneficial and/or necessary, and that you just need to be a little bit more patient that’s all.


Today I picked those 2 cards. The past few days I’ve been feeling a bit down, which is unusual for me. I always have a million projects going on and I have a very rich inner life (which has helped me keep my sanity on more than one occasion).

Salu talks about wellbeing: whether on a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual level – let’s face it they are all connected. I have recently felt the need to reconnected with my roots and my natural earthiness (as a Virgo/Horse), the need to feel good, peaceful and balanced. The need to be me, the real me, the wild me, the delightfully weird me, not the one people expect me to be. That means breaking the illusion, even if it means shattering some people’s dreams. For my own sake, I need to be selfish and drop that burden once and for all. The world is not all white & black, there are many shades of grey in between. And my spiritual gift comes in grey, even the darkest grey. And grey is probably not New Agey enough for some people. But my roots (and my strength) come from the Underworld, there is no point in denying it. I accept it and guess what?…I embrace it fully and wholeheartedly. I shine like antique silver!

I’m not here to redeem the so-called “fallen ones”: mischievous pixies, forgotten Sidhe or Little Folks in Faery forts. They don’t need redemption, and they don’t need a Savior either. They were created by the same Intelligence than everything else in this Universe, therefore they are perfect just the way they are.

Back to Salu & wellbeing, well it starts with what you put in your body – the nutrients. Since I haven’t been feeling quite like myself, I naturally haven’t fed myself as well as I usually do (and in the Summer I usually have other cravings anyway). So I’m gonna get back to what suits me the best: my customized paleo diet, with some wild plants, herbs, edible flowers and a good amount of fermented foods (packed with nutrients and beneficial bacteria, and also great detoxifiers). I’m also gonna get back to my beloved herbs. I was sick for almost 2 weeks in August (I get sick about once in a decade) and became aware that I haven’t been preparing remedies like I used to. So I can predict that some tea blends and other herbal concoctions will find their place on my shelves once more in a very near future.

Salu’s message: You must also do the work: sweat and discover just what you are capable of, and be sure also to change your nutrients – enhance the food you are eating, be sure you eat well, and acknowledge any unhealthy eating patterns you may have developed to self-nurture and comfort. All of this dedication and self-love will pay off in marvelous ways…”

Now for Isa (I’m very familiar with the Rune of the same name), it’s all about stillness and inner consciousness (a bit like the Hanged Man). We all see the ice but few of us are aware that water is flowing under…I once read that Isa creates matter. So under the ice, and away from the eyes, things are slowly but surely manifesting into the physical.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve been though a period of change. It was long, it was painful, I nearly lost hope on more than one occasion but I’ve done the work, and it was worth it. I’m a very different person that I was 3 years ago. It’s almost like night and day. I’m like a newborn butterfly drying its wings in the sun…Soon it will be time to go, time to leave/fly to another place but not quite yet. Once again patience is the key. I don’t forget my goal(s), I’m still doing the work but the Universe always has the last word. My friend Stefan would say something about “all the cooperative creative components falling into place” but he says it better than I do.

Isa’s message: This is a moment of complete stillness and simply be-ing: a long moment where you are completely present. You are as still as a chrysalis, hanging seemingly static from a branch, fragile and mysterious. Like the chrysalis, you will “do” nothing – nothing at all, except become yourself. Your transformation is being worked invisibly, on the side, and when the time is right, you will share it with the world. In a situation where you seem to have no control, no power, you are learning the most valuable form of power there is – self-mastery…”


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