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Cards of the Day: The Hedgewitch & Dawn

Card of the Day

This morning, like every morning, I rolled my runic dice. Perthro has been showing a lot these past few days, which I see as a good omen. But this morning, I saw Hagalaz which is a harbinger of drastic changes (often out of one’s control) – good or bad.

Therefore I had to draw some cards in order to find out…And what a relief!

The cards that you see above a merely the confirmation  of what’s been happening to me lately (I had an epiphany of some sort about 2 weeks ago). It is the continuation of that “Wild Hunt” card that I drew 2 days ago, telling me that major & quick changes are about to take place but this is all in alignment with what I’ve come to acknowledge & know to be my path and purpose. It’s also a confirmation that my little chat with the Korrigan (loosely mentioned in the previous post) was not just the figment of my imagination.

I’m also very aware of the current cosmic alignments & upcoming eclipses (I highly recommend following the excellent Hare in Moon Astrology). All the pieces of the puzzle are finally falling into place, this is the end of the journey I started about 3 years ago…And I’m feeling at peace & hopeful.


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