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Me, My Doppelganger & I

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Dear Reader,

I don’t need to personally know you to sense that weird look on your face. That “what the heck is she talking about?” kind of look. Before labeling me as a Mad Hatter, let me explain the how & the why.

Firstly, I’ve always been drawn to the unusual & the metaphysical, even as a young child. I always sensed that there was or had to be more than what meets the eye, and that life couldn’t possibly just be about being born, graduating from school, getting a job, getting married and then having a house, kids, dogs & white picket fences. That kind of life never made me dream anyway.

Fast forward to my early twenties, year 2000. I’m studying fashion & textile design in Paris. I’m already spiritually awakened (even if just a newbie in that field), New Age & cocooning are trendy, everybody is fearing the end of the world which illuminated fashion designer Paco Rabanne foretold would occur during a total solar eclipse…That part, of course, didn’t happen (I survived!).

Anyway, during that last school year, we all have to design a conceptual mini-collection in order to graduate. Having 2 parents of 2 very different origins & backgrounds, one might even say opposite, I quickly came up with the notion of the double, the other, the Doppelganger. I learned everything I could at the time on that topic in order to apply it as concept in my collection. Needless to say that my school wasn’t quite Hogwarts and therefore my teachers weren’t much into the metaphysical. But to add insult to injury, they all put their grain of salt and slowly but surely my once great idea got diluted to the point that I lost the thread. Even though I got my degree, my collection was a failure, thanks to these people who I shouldn’t have listen to in the first place, even though they were my teachers.

I promised myself that one day, somehow, I would pick up the ashes of my Doppelganger collection and rework it to make it what it should have been. I feel that the time has come, that I have learned & especially experienced more on the topic. The concept has evolved a little but the end result will be more matured and I don’t want to limit myself just to textiles & clothing.

As for my Double/Doppelganger, I know she’s watching and looking forward to working with me on this long overdue project of mine. She’s neither the evil twin of German literature, nor an ominous Banshee. She’s free of physical body and therefore not bound by its limitations, nor by time or space. She lives a life of her own. She’s totally free. She’s what I’m supposed to be and what I’m about to become. I accept her. I embrace her & her gifts because she & I are one…



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