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“Good Vibrations” Oil

This Ritual & Massage oil is made of a combination of fresh & dried herbs (all organic, sustainably grown and/or ethically wildcrafted) in organic extra virgin olive oil. It is a solar infusion (a slow process in which the sun heats up the oil during 4-6 weeks, allowing the herbs to release all their physical, emotional & spiritual properties as well as their natural fragrance into the oil).

This specific oil (which I adapted from one of my herbal tea blends) helps raise one’s vibration, protect against negative energy & remain calm and relaxed.

I should have it available in my ZenApothecary by the end of February or the beginning of March (because good things come to those who are patient).

If you wish to be notified when it’s available (and therefore be on my Mailing List), feel free to drop me a line below. Many blessings to you ;).

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Live Fearlessly

“The Real You knows you are not your body but rather, your body is the vehicle through which you experience the physical realm. Knowing yourself to be eternal, and knowing that the physical death of your physical body is but the gateway to another realm, you have no need for the fear-based survival programs of your personality.

Put simply, the Real You knows, as Albert Einstein said, that ‘reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one.’

~From The Adventure of I – A Journey to the Centre of Your Reality by Tania Kotsos~