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Naughty Nauthiz…

I’ve done a lot of inner work these past 2 years, but it has become more intense over the past 6 months. I will not delve in details about the hows and the whys…I just made mistakes that led me to be trapped, unhappy and dependent on another. I gave away my hopes & dreams and I forgot who I was deep down inside…

My old self had to be shattered to pieces and I nearly lost my mind (that was one of the scariest things I’ve ever been though, and I felt absolutely helpless) around my birthday…My energy was so awful that everything & everyone I held dear left my vortex. Anyway I had to pull myself back together, push even harder to make changes and manifest them into my life (even though the Universe always has the last word and chooses the timing for things to occur)…Quite frankly I don’t know where all that ‘rocket fuel’ is coming from but I seem to have more than I thought and I am so close to reaching my goal(s) that I can already see the finish line and taste the sweet wine of my own victory (VINCIT QUI PATITUR).

What does this all have to do with the Rune Nauthiz? I literally shake when I see Hagalaz (though lately it’s been showing its softer side to me), Nauthiz teaches me to persevere and find alternative solutions (and I magically find more inner reserves of ‘rocket fuel’) while with Isa I know it’s just a matter of timing and being patient because the icy lake is only frozen on the surface, water is still moving under (slowly moving but not stagnant) – so is life behind & beyond the veil, we’re just not aware of it.

And Nauthiz has been showing up lately in my daily readings. So I figured that maybe I was overlooking something, even though I start being quite familiar with its energy & meaning. And then I found this article by RAVENSDOTTIR on Nauthiz (I invite you to head over to her blog & read the whole article):

“Nauthiz represents our deepest needs. It is important to distinguish that Nauthiz is about “need” not just “want” or “desire” but an actual, tangible “need” for something…

This need for survival pushes us through the challenges we face, particularly those created by our own (or others’) misdeeds or mistakes. Learning from our own mistakes is one of the most important and trans-formative things we can do for ourselves. Rather than beating ourselves up over a perceived failure, or berating ourselves for not meeting our own expectations, we can objectively reflect on what we can learn from a situation that didn’t pan out quite as we had hoped. Examining the outcome of specific actions, and adjusting our future actions, helps us to grow, and learn.

Nauthiz is also about resistance…

Nauthiz carries the weight of our past actions forward. To make fire, we must create it. This means, we must take the appropriate actions to manifest that fire. We cannot make it appear out of this air. (Unless you’re some kind of skilled master….go you!)  We need tinder, something to create friction, a spark, gentle breaths, and patience.  These are the lessons, the mysteries of Nauthiz, of need. Understanding what is a need versus what is a desire. reflecting on what actions are required to fulfill that need, after it has been established. Assembling the tools required, and leaping into said actions, trusting in oneself, and the spark of divine inspiration within. We can only continue along our chosen path. To turn back now, after coming so far, would be foolish….We need to press on.

We can use the runic energies of Nauthiz to bring to us what we need. However, we must be sure in our knowing of need and desire. For if we are unsure, Nauthiz will be happy to show us the difference, and this may not be a gentle or comfortable lesson to learn. Manipulating the Web of Wyrd takes skill, practice, and wisdom. Remember that lesson from Ansuz, be careful what you say/wish for?

I am Nauthiz. I am the need-fire. I am resistance, I am challenge. What is need? Not-this. I am Nauthiz. I show you the difference between want and need. I am Nauthiz. What do you need?”

I’d like to add that once the lessons of Nauthiz are fully learned, digested and integrated, Nauthiz can then shapeshift into Gebo…As all gifts and experiences need to be shared wholeheartedly.

What do I want, need & wish for? My own freedom. The freedom to be me, to embrace my gifts & my own divinity (because we are all divine – spiritual beings having a human experience). The freedom to live the life I choose, according to my core values (as for rules: they can always be changed or rewritten, because one can easily become prisoner of one’s own rules) – not following someone’s expectations or societal pressure.

Just being me, living in the heart & fulfilling my purpose on this Earth and in this lifetime…I know full well some will not understand, and that’s fine…But is it too much to ask for? The answer in NO and I have a deep & peaceful inner knowing that the best is yet to come…


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