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It’s on!…The Muse is Calling…

…Or to be more precise: screaming in my ears, pulling my hair, kicking my gut! She means business obviously…

I haven’t sketched in 15 years, except on rare occasions (that brings me back to art & fashion schools). But I’ve been sewing, crafting and working in 3D basically…I was never very technical but I’ve always been very creative and willing to explore & incorporate other media (some more successfully than others, I admit) in my art. I know I’m not fully rusted and the more I’ll practice the better my sketches will be.

Now what’s the point of art? You can 100 people, you’ll get 100 different answers. I think the right question to ask is: what does it mean to you as an artist? Is is about representing faithfully what’s in front of you? Is is about pushing your own limits? Is is about exploring the dark corners of your self and therefore practicing a form of exorcism? Is it exploring your inner world(s) as as shaman would do? Is it a form of meditation? Is is a way to reconnect with your primal self?…Etc.

Maybe it’s all the above or nothing at all, because making art is innate and as ancient as it gets. Even animals make art.

So I got myself a pocket size sketchbook, a small box of water colors and a set of water brushes (a neat invention, it means no more water spilling everywhere, no more mess). Of course I’ll bring a couple pens and pencils with me as well. I’m already smiling at the idea of reconnecting with an old part of my self…It’s like catching up with an old friend who disappeared for a while but who was never really gone (and at this point in my self “sketches” are only the tip of the iceberg of my creative/artistic/inner life…I’ll say more soon).

There’s a chance you might see me wandering around: scrutinizing the horizon, conversing with a tree, or even scrying the clouds (always looking for clues, answers & synchronicities) while drawing & scribbling in my sketchbook. Feel free to say hi, talk a little way or even join me as a fellow sketcher ;)…


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