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A Project Dear to Me

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I’ve been teaching French for a while now, and I love my students. They all have their own reason for deciding to learn the French language but they have one thing in common: the desire to communicate (and of course, to be understood).

Nowadays there are many options out there to learn (even on your own), some better than others and it really boils down to what you’re looking for. Some people want to talk, while others prefer to write or read.

And it is my belief that a good teacher is one who can adapt to his/her audience while getting stuff done, a good teacher doesn’t have to go by the book or follow a specific teaching material. Last but not least, a good teacher is capable of keeping his/her classes lively & interesting (while having a good sense of humor).

But no matter what you do & how good you are (or not) at doing it, there are still people out there who really need to be motivated. And in order to reach these people (and make them happy), you need to look into what their interests, hobbies and passions are. I have many and they all happen to be interconnected…I don’t mind sharing them, and I can talk for hours (either in French, in English or both) ;).

And since a lot of people like to cook (something that I’ve been doing for 25 years), I’d like to teach French using cooking as a way of learning. I’m already thinking about having my own YouTube channel…I think I’d easily reach the irreducible ones who have a hard time getting motivated.

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