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A Neat Little E-Cookbook about Waffles (Gluten Free, Paleo/AIP)

There are a few blogs that I follow (Ok…more than a few) and one of them is Provincial Paleo – one of the few good AIP (Autoimmune Protocol*) blogs out there.

Dora (the author) just published her first e-book, entitled ” The Little Cookbook of Gluten-free Waffles“. The word “waffle” brought me back in time, in those glutenous days of mine…Sometimes it seems like another lifetime.

Anyway, I haven’t had a waffle in a long, long time. Sure, I make pancakes and I bought a vintage waffle iron for my companion once on Ebay (one that is not non-stick…so hard to find) but I haven’t used it once.

That e-cookbook may change everything: it’s grain free, the recipes are both sweet & savory, and you don’t need eggs (which is great because I regularly run out of duck eggs)…AND (because that’s not all), she has a few suggestions for waffle irons in her blog post, which led me to the purchase of a ceramic waffle iron (naturally non-stick but no Teflon involved).

I can foretell that waffles are gonna be back on the menu soon…And in my freezer as well!

*The Autoimmune Protocol basically means no grains, no dairy, no eggs, no legumes, no nuts & no nightshades


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