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Paleo Beauty: Skin Icing…

It’s natural, it’s homemade, it’s easy to make, takes only a few minutes to prepare and it’s totally paleo! What is it? Ice cubes, bien-sûr! It’s the little beauty trick that will give you that “je ne sais quoi” which will make all your girlfriends pâlir de jalousie (green with envy)…


According to the Healthy Home Economist: “It simply and very literally involves applying ice to one’s skin. The practice helps with the following skin challenges:

  • Reduce puffiness
  • Prevent wrinkles
  • Tighten the skin
  • Reduce the appearance and size of pores
  • Produce smoother skin
  • Lessens the appearance of scarring
  • Treat and prevent acne

Icing your skin is helpful with any inflammation on the skin surface, helping to reduce the swelling and redness that follows especially with acne, as icing in itself is anti-bacterial. It also reduces healing time as well as prevents future breakouts.”

I highly recommend reading the whole article (especially if you have sensitive skin or skin issues).


It doesn’t have to be just plain water. You can also use tea, herbal infusions, hydrosols, even fruit & vegetable juices! Create you own beauty potions and freeze them into ready-to-use ice cubes.

Need some ideas? You can check this website for inspiration. And this other website gives some recommendations for dry & oily skin types as well as how to reduce wrinkles.

The pink ice cubes above are made of 2 different types of tea: Numi’s White Rose (white tea & rose petals) as well as Hibiscus & Rosehip tea. I also added some rosewater. I know what you’re thinking: they look like Turkish delights 😉.

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